Micro 2.0 Troubleshooting and Technical Updates

1. Update: Firmware update version V1.37 for Micro 2.0
On April 27, 2016, SeaLife released firmware version V1.37 for Micro 2.0 camera, which corrects some wireless connectivity and downloading issues when connected to SeaLife Micro Cam app.
To download latest firmware, please visit the SeaLife website.

2. Unable to make wireless connection or download pictures/videos with SeaLife Micro Cam app
To correct wireless connectivity and downloading issues with the SeaLife Micro Cam app, please update camera firmware to V1.37. To download latest firmware, please visit the SeaLife website.

SeaLife also released app updates (version V2.3) for SeaLife Micro Cam app for Android and iOS devices. App updates are available at Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads, and Google Play Store for android smart phones and tablets. Please make sure to update the camera’s firmware and SeaLife Micro Cam app to ensure optimal performance. It is also recommended to update your smart phone or tablet to the latest operating system.

3. Can’t play 1296p video resolution
1296p video resolution is a larger 3 megapixel frame size and compatible with the following video players: Apple QuickTime Player, DivX Plus Player, YouTube, iPad/iPhone, Android phones/tablets and other software supporting 1296p format. 1296p is not compatible with Windows Media Player and Movie Maker.

4. Camera won’t connect to computer and/or charge
If the camera does not connect to your PC or wall charger using the USB cable, do this:

  • Thoroughly clean the gold-plated USB contacts on the camera and USB adapter using a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Do not use pencil eraser or other abrasives to clean the contacts as that will remove the gold plating.
  • Check and remove and debris that may be obstructing the USB adapter from being fully inserted into the camera’s waterproof USB port.
  • Reboot computer and try again.
  • Try using another USB cable. It’s a micro-B type USB cable, which is commonly used with smart phones and other USB devices.
  • The USB adapter is not waterproof and needs to be replaced if it got wet. Always make sure the camera is completely dry before connecting the USB adapter to the camera.
  • Replace the USB adapter. As a temporary solution until USB adapter is replaced, fully insert the USB adapter and slowly pull back slightly on the adapter until connection is established.

If you are still experiencing USB connection problem, please contact the USA SeaLife Service Center at service@sealife-cameras.com or contact the SeaLife distributor in your country by clicking here

5. Camera locks up
We are not aware of any problems that would cause the camera to lock-up. If you do experience a camera lock-up, push the power button for 8 seconds to force-off the camera. Please report any lock-ups to SeaLife service center at service@sealife-cameras.com. Include camera serial # and any details about when the lock-up occurred.

6. Can’t find SeaLife Micro Cam app in App Store
Search App Store for “SeaLife Micro Cam” and select “iPhone Only” from the dropdown menu on the top left of your iPad. The SeaLife Micro Cam app works with iPhones and iPads.

7. Low audio volume when playing back video
The camera includes a microphone located inside the waterproof enclosure, which may be turned ON or OFF. When the microphone is turned ON, the volume is preset to the highest possible setting, however the video recording audio is minimal because of the waterproof design. Underwater, you will hear the diver breathing. Above water only loud sounds will be recorded. We recommend using Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, YouTube or video editing software to add music or narrations to your final video production.

8. Replacing internal battery
The camera maintains 85% of its original power after 500 recharge cycles and 70% after 1000 recharge cycles. If the battery life becomes noticeably shorter, considering having it replaced by an authorized Sealife service center for a cost of $75. Service includes new 3.7V 2350 mAh Li-ion battery and waterproof depth testing to 200ft to ensure reliable waterproof seal. For more information, contact the USA SeaLife Service Center at service@sealife-cameras.com or contact the SeaLife distributor in your country by clicking here

9. UPDATE: Connecting Micro 2.0 to smart phone or tablet with USB cable
You may also use a USB cable to make wired connection directly from the Micro 2.0 camera to an Apple iPad or iPhone. A wired connection results in faster downloading compared to wireless connection. We are working on wired solution for Android devices and will update this page when that is available. For now, wired connection is only possible with iPad and iPhone. You will need to purchase a Lightning USB adapter (or 30-pin USB adapter for older iPads/iPhones) and a USB Power Y-Cable, which are available online or some electronic stores.


USB Y Cable with two USB-A on one end (power + data) and Micro-B on the other end. The above cable is made by StarTech, but other brands are available.


SeaLife Micro 2.0 camera connected to an iPad using a lighting USB adapter (white) and USB Y cable (black & red). The red USB plug is connected to a wall charger or standard USB port.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to connect any SeaLife Micro camera to an iPad using a USB y-Cable. Click here to view video.

10. Can’t make Wifi connection to Amazon Kindle device
Even though the Kindle runs on an Android operating system, the SeaLife Micro Cam app or Action Cam HD app is not available in the Amazon app store and will not make wireless connection to the SeaLife Micro HD+ or Micro 2.0 cameras.

11. Can’t make WiFi connection to laptop or desktop computer
The SeaLife Micro HD+ and 2.0 cameras only support wireless connection with Android or Apple smart phones / tablets, not with laptop or desktop computers.

12. UPDATE: Battery life when using camera in extreme cold temperatures
The camera is designed to be operated at temperatures of 0°F to 120°F (-18°C to 50°C) on land and +33°F to +110°F(.5 °C to 44°C) underwater. When using the camera in extreme cold temperatures, the battery life at full charge will be less than when operating at normal room temperatures.

13. UPDATE: Recording continuous video
The camera is capable of recording continuous video as long as there is sufficient memory space and battery power available. The continuous video will be saved in 45 minute segments (about 3.8GB per segment)

14. Pictures / videos not sharp or out of focus
There are many factors that may contribute to pictures or videos not being sharp. Most common is shooting in low light conditions, which can cause a grainy image or motion blur. Consider purchasing a Sea Dragon external photo-video light ideal for capturing sharp, colorful pictures and videos underwater or in low light conditions.
The camera uses a fixed focus lens that is sharp from 12” (30cm) to infinity. Make sure to maintain at least 12” (30cm) distance between the camera and the subject. For close-up shooting distances of 6” to 24” consider purchasing the SeaLife 10X Close-Up lens at your local SeaLife dealer. To find a dealer near you, click here

15. Picture size is too small and grainy when enlarged
Still images taken at 16mp will have image resolution of 4608×3456 pixels and the file size can range from 2.1MB up to 2.7MB depending on color and “information” contained in the image. If the image resolution and file size is smaller, you most likely took a lower resolution photo, which will appear grainy when enlarging it. The camera features a Picture-In-Video feature, which allows you to take a lower resolution (maximum 2 megapixels or 1920 x 1080) photo while recording video and pushing the shutter button. The file size for 2 megapixel picture-in video images ranges from 0.8MB up to 1.4MB depending on color and “information” contained in the image.

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