Sea Dragon 1200/2000 Technical Updates

Light turns off momentarily

The light includes an “Auto Flash Detect” feature that uses a flash sensor to turn off the light for 2 seconds if it detects an external flash firing. This feature helps reduce backscatter. If you quickly swipe your hand (or some other object) in front of the light, the light sensor may mistake the object as a flash and accidently turn of the light for a 2 seconds.


You may disable the auto flash detect as follows:
1) With light in the OFF state, push and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
2) Release the power button when the indicator lights begin blinking and light turns off.
3) Two quick blinks per second indicate that Flash Detect is enabled. One blink per second means the Flash Detect is disabled.
4) Push and release power button to switch between Flash detect enable and disabled.
5) Push and hold the power button to save and exit the Flash Detect setting

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