When you need to get everything in the shot

The 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens compensates for the water’s magnification effect (i.e. refractive index), increasing underwater field-of-view by 33% allowing underwater photographers to get closer to the subject and still fit everything into the frame. The lens design uses high grade 2-element optical glass components that deliver crisp edge-to-edge sharpness.

All internal optical elements are fully, multi-coated to prevent glare and maximize light transmission. It is waterproof to 164ft/50m and fits all SeaLife DC-series cameras and other cameras with a 52mm thread mount, and comes with a 52mm DC adapter ring (SL977).


· DC2000: Increases underwater field-of-view from 46° to 61°.

· DC1400: Increases underwater field-of-view from 61° to 81°.

· High grade 2-element optical glass components.

· Maginifaction ratio 0.75x underwater

· Crisp edge-to-edge sharpness.

· Fully, multi-coated optical elements to prevent glare and maximize light transmission.

· Waterproof to 50m (with SeaLife DC2000).

· Lens dimensions: 105mm diameter x 41mm length

· Weight: 155g.

· Negative Buoyancy

· Contents of box: Wide Angle Dome lens with 52mm thread mount, 52mm DC adapter ring, neoprene covers for back & front of lens and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.




SeaLife DC2000 camera: Can be used in macro, super macro, and auto focus with 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens. Lens will not work in infinity focus.

SeaLife DC500 to DC1400 cameras: Must be set to macro focus with 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens.