Sea Dragon 3000F

Powerful 3000 lumens with Auto Brightness, Flash Detect and Night mode

New and improved COB design delivers 3000 lumens over 120° smooth, even beam angle without a hot spot. Two red LED’s emit a 88° wide beam that won’t scare away nighttime sea creatures and preserves your eye’s natural night vision.

Automatically regulated brightness for optimal performance

Brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically with its built-in photocell light sensor. The Auto Bright mode automatically adjusts from 300 to 3000 lumens to preserve your eye’s natural night vision and extends battery life. Aim the light at your dive computer or other close-up objects and the light will automatically dim. Aim the light at far away objects for maximum brightness. When nearby flash fires, the Flash Detect feature turns the light off for 1 second for optimal image exposure control. Includes powerful 3400 mAh Li-ion battery with protected circuitry.

Red LED “Stealth Mode”

Two integrated 180-lumen red LED’s cast an 88° beam. At night or in caves or shadows, the red LED’s preserve your eyes natural low light function; allowing you to see gauges and your surroundings, at the same time the red LED’s do not frighten fish like skittish reef fishes that disappear from bright underwater LED lights.  The red LED’s are powerful enough to assist the camera’s auto focus and will turn off for 1 second when a Strobe/Flash is fired.

Easily Expandable

The Sea Dragon 3000F is easy to expand with SeaLife’s Flex-Connect system of trays, grips, arms and adapters.  The 3000 can be connected to any underwater camera system using standard ¼-20 tripod or GoPro camera mounts.  Flex-Connect ball joint, YS and cold shoe mounts are available making the Sea Dragon 3000 compatible with any underwater camera.



More Features:

Powerful 3000 lumens featuring BridgeLux Gen 7 Vero COB LED Array 

Auto Bright mode adjusts from 300 to 3000 lumens to preserve your eye’s natural night vision and extends battery life.

Beam angle: White Light: 120° on land / 90° underwater, Red light: 88° on land / 66° underwater

Constant brightness - Regulated circuitry so light won’t dim with battery power. 

Auto Flash Detect Mode. Light turns off for 1 sec when detecting external flash. Flash detect can be turned on or off and works in all 5 light modes.

Five Light modes: 3 white modes (Manually adjust to 100%, 50% or 25%), 1 white Auto (Automatically adjusts from 10% to 100%) and 1 Red light mode 

80 Color Rendering Index (CRI) that mimics natural daylight. 

60 minute burn time at full power 

Depth: Tested to 100m

Dimensions: 22cm x 24cm x 6cm fully assembled light head w/battery, grip and tray 13.0cm x 5.6cm x 10.4cm Light head 

Weight: 408 grams light head w/battery installed

Light Source 1x COB LED Array (BridgeLux  Gen 7 Vero LED Array - BXRE-50E4001-C-74) 2x Cree XP-E red LEDs
Brightness White light: 3000 lumens (maintained throughout run time at full power) Red light:  180 lumens
Brightness Level/Light Modes 100% white → 50% white → 25% white → Auto white → Red → repeat cycle
Colour Temperature 5600k
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)* 96
Beam Angle White Light: 120° on land / 90° underwater Red light: 88° on land / 66° underwater
Battery Lithium Ion 7.4V, 3400 mAh, 25Wh (included)
Battery Charge Time 170 minutes
Run time  60 minutes at full power, 120 min at half power or Auto, 240 min at quarter power
Depth 100 meters
Dimensions 22cm x 24cm x 6cm fully assembled with light head, battery, grip and tray. 13cm x 5.6cm x 10.4cm head only
Bulb Life 35,000 hours
O-ring Dual silicone O-rings (lube included)
Weight 408 grams light head w/battery installed
Buoyancy Negative


*CRI is a measure of a light source's ability to show object colors "realistically" or "naturally" compared to daylight, which has a CRI of 100 and represents the maximum value.

The beam angles for the Sea Dragon lights are shown as the true, tested “in-air” (above water) beam angle. Underwater, due to light refraction, the angle tightens to approximately 33% less. 

Avoid using this Sea Dragon light above water for prolonged periods of time
The light is designed for underwater use and water is needed to displace heat. The metal light head at full power will reach temperature of about 140F (60C) degrees within a few minutes, which may cause burning if touched. A thermal sensor will automatically dim the light if internal temperatures reaches 150F (65C) degrees. Immediately turn off light if any parts of the light become hot to the touch.

What's in the box:

Sea Dragon 3000 UW Photo-Video Light head

Flex-Connect single tray

Flex-Connect grip

25Wh 3400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

AC Power Adapter

Charging tray

Int’l plug adapters

Spare O-rings

O-ring lubricant

O-ring removal tool

Adapter for GoPro Cameras

Sea Dragon Case