Where can I get my camera serviced?

Contact your local authorized SeaLife dealer who will assist you with service. You can also ship the product directly to the SeaLife Service Center. See our Technical Support page on this website for more details on returning products directly to SeaLife. For service outside the USA, contact your local dealer or the importer in your country. A list of international distributor can be found on our Dealer Locater.

How can I order spare parts?

You can purchase spare parts at your local authorized SeaLife dealer. You can also order spare parts online at www.sealifepartsdirect.com (For US residents only). To order spare parts outside the USA, contact your local dealer or importer in your country. A list of dealers and importers can be found on our Dealer Locater page.

Where can I find more detailed answers on how to use SeaLife products?

You will find important updates and instruction manuals for all SeaLife products on the Technical Support page. If you don’t find the answer to your question on our website, please call us at (856) 866-9191 or email us at service@sealife-cameras.com.

You can also download our free iBook, Underwater Photography Made Easy, here (PDF version also available).

How deep do SeaLife underwater cameras go?

Currently, all SeaLife cameras are depth rated to 200 feet. For earlier SeaLife camera models, you can find the depth rating marked on the camera housing, in the instruction manual, and online.

How much do SeaLife underwater cameras and accessories cost?

SeaLife underwater cameras and accessories are surprisingly affordable when compared to any other underwater camera system. When comparing SeaLife against any other camera brands, don’t forget to consider the cost to expand the camera with an underwater external flash and wide angle lens. Please check with your local dealer for actual selling prices.

How do underwater photos taken with SeaLife cameras compare to those taken with land cameras in a housing?

All SeaLife cameras are high-resolution cameras designed and tested to take sharp, colorful pictures above and below water. SeaLife has developed underwater exposure programs that restores lost colors and automatically compensates the image exposure when using the optional external flash accessory. The SeaLife Land & Sea exposure program includes several underwater modes: Sea mode for automatic exposure control and color correction; and External Flash mode for sharp colorful pictures when using one or two Sea Dragon Flashes. Land cameras in a waterproof housing do not include underwater modes that work effectively with external strobes.

Are there any accessories available?

SeaLife Cameras are expandable with Sea Dragon lights, external flash, macro and wide angle lenses. Any experienced underwater photographer will tell you how important it is to use an external flash or light. SeaLife cameras, Sea Dragon lights and flash, lenses, and accessories are all made by SeaLife, so you can be assured they work together as a system. Check out our Sea Dragon lighting page, the accessories page, and the Flex-Connect mounting page for more details about the accessories we offer.

Can I buy a SeaLife housing for my camera?

SeaLife housings are exclusively designed to work with SeaLife cameras.

What is the estimated turnaround time if I send the camera in for repair?

Please allow 2 to 3 week turnaround time for service. If you need rush service, please contact the service department and we will try and accommodate your needs.

How can I purchase SeaLife products if there is no authorized dealer near me?

Some of the authorized SeaLife dealers on our Dealer Locator page sell online. Scroll through the list of dealers to find dealers with websites. You may also purchase directly from SeaLife

What is the maximum capacity memory card I can use with my SeaLife camera?

For optimal performance with the SeaLife DC1400 camera, we recommend using a SD/SDHC memory card of up to 16GB, although 32GB cards are also compatible. Cards in excess of 32GB may cause compatiblity issues.