What is “Firmware”?

Firmware is the operating system program inside the SeaLife digital camera that controls everything about how the camera operates. SeaLife develops firmware specifically for diving, so that the image exposure and picture processing works not only on land but specifically underwater in low light conditions.

The firmware also allows the camera to operate with our popular accessories, like the SeaLife External Flash. Such a firmware development takes teams of programmers and divers several months for each new SeaLife camera model.

Do I need to upgrade?

Just like computer programs are updated from time to time, SeaLife improves the firmware for its digital camera models. Normally, you do not need to upgrade. Your camera should work very well, even with the very first firmware version.

If a new firmware becomes available, you may want to upgrade your firmware anyway, to benefit from SeaLife’s ongoing research for better underwater photos.

How do I know what firmware version I have?

The camera’s firmware version can be found by opening the menu and selecting “System Info.” The exact location of the System Info differs for each camera model, so please check the instruction manual for more details.

How do I know if a new firmware is available?

Locate your SeaLife underwater camera from the list below and click on the link. You will see instructions on how to upgrade your camera’s firmware and a list of the most recent firmware we make available. The higher the firmware version number for a specific camera model, the more recent the firmware is.

*If you have trouble downloading it could be because of your security settings, please copy the page link from the PDF document and place in your web browser to prompt the download, or hold the control button when clicking on the link.

Firmware Downloads (PDF Instructions)